The Data Map shows the number of data records for each device in the Areas selected above, between the specified dates. A data record only indicates that the device was marked as visited: it does not imply that a catch was made. The purpose of the Data Map is to show the number and locations of devices in active commission during the specified time period.

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CatchITGraphics displays data from CatchIT and databases on request.

Select trap types for a species of interest (e.g. DOC traps for stoats), and use the Buffer Size slider to specify the distance covered by each selected trap. For example, select 500 metres for the coverage of each trap to extend up to 500 m away from the trap in any direction. The header above the map shows the resulting area in hectares covered by all selected traps in the current map view.

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Area Information Table

The table shows all-time devices and data records. The maps on the Data Map and Trap Coverage tabs plot devices and data records only for the selected areas, dates, data types and device types.

Download device information

The CSV contains device information for all devices from the selected Areas that were active in the selected Date range. A device is considered to be active if there were any data records entered for it between the selected dates. A device is still considered active even if no catches or bait uptake took place from it between the selected dates, as long as this was recorded in data entries.